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Pakistan edging back into this final, Eng need a thrust soon
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Just when it was needed England put them to the sword!
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I've just heard England has become world champions!

Not much fanfare on the news about it. I didn't even know a match was on. :)
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Not quite the drama and nail biter as the 50 over WC but an amazing feat to be double champions at once
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I think Mark Iverson shared this a while back. Some crazy amounts getting matched in cricket
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Not sure if anyone betting on NZ V India 20/20 but I live not far from the ground and we have thunderstorms gale force winds predicted rain of between 4mm and 8mm for much of the evening, so not sure it will take place. Not saying it deffo will be off but if you are betting I suggest you check the weather out first for the best types of bets to make.

I had a little bet on no completed match but as I don't really know the rules it is just a fun bet and hope it shortens
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Thx - 5 overs are needed from both sides to constitute a game.

Quite a bit traded on CMM and Tied market - game eventually tied per DLS.
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Yeah I didn't know how many overs were required for a 20/20 match. Was strange I am just 15km from ground and I was getting thunder and lightening yet the sun was out at the ground..

I backed No result at 2.32, then just after I posted it dropped to 1.85, so I took the trade, made a nice profit

I am starting to like trading cricket
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