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We've gone to the dogs.
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Hi All
I have been running a greyhound bot all day every day for the last 3 months. The results can be anything from -£50 to + £50 depending when I look at my balance.
This £100 swing happens everyday without fail. It could be + £50 in the morning, afternoon or evening. As I am at work all day it is very difficult to catch the moment
to stop the bot and grab the profit.
My question is, does BetAngel store my Bank Balance at all so I could incorporate it in the bot to stop betting at a certain profit?
Thanks for your help
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You can't make money by stopping a bot while it's profitable. All you'll do is stop when the conditions are with you and carry on when they're not. Besides "days" are a purely human construct that dog racing/results/statistics are largely blind to.

But if you can see a definate pattern then maybe you could find the specific times when it works/doesn't which might have some real world relevance, whereas your balance at any given time doesn't.

Given your 0% edge you're likely to just be seeing randomness.
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ShaunWhite wrote:
Tue Jul 20, 2021 6:48 pm
You can't make money by stopping a bot while it's profitable.
You can, but only if you stop permanently. ;)
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