Scottish Open Snooker

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Jim Royle
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Hope no money buyers in the crowd got burnt in that 4th frame as O`Sullevan needed last 4 balls to win pots brown & blue leaving a difficult cut on the pink with black on the cushion , pots pink kisses black over the middle pocket but by his face was a fortunate shot he then blasts an easy black which is 2 ins from middle pocket at 100mph jaws it with the white going flying off the table alas loss of frame , great talent but what disrepect which he has been showing all match to his oponent , he will probably go on to win 4-3 now saying that
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I remember a similar thing in the Worlds one year. He needed just the pink for a very important frame which was an easy pot, but played it in such a way to get on the black which was very dificult to do. He missed the pink and lost the frame and eventually lost the match. It was at such a critical time in the match I couldn't believe what I was seeing
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I wish there was more liquidity on the snooker.
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dragontrades wrote:
Tue Dec 10, 2019 5:56 pm
I wish there was more liquidity on the snooker.
If only it was like this:

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I know they don’t play football in Scotland but do they play snooker ?
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