Premium charge mitigating strategies

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I know this question might sound really stupid... I got introduced to 20% PC by Betfair. Im still way off from the 250k milestone but will expect to hit it in couple of years time. So thought that it would be wise to do my best regarding PC.

I have read alot from BA forums about PC and the strategies to generate commission.
A question came to my mind about Betfair's view to these strategies. For lets say that you start generating commission by backing 0-0 on CS market and lay under 0.5 market, both bets made in same odds so result before comms would be +-0. I would love to hear from you, who have done this. Have you ever had problems with Betfair in regards to doing this? Is there any reason to expect problems from Betfair's side? Just wanting to verify the acceptability of this before doing :D
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