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i signed upto the 2 step verification this evening and am now unable to log in via bet angel, is this ussue ongoing .tried 0 and 13 before account was locked and downloaded latest version last week.
thanks in advance.
Bet Angel
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I split this topic off as some people may be looking for this specifically.

The new 2-Step authentication is really easy with Bet Angel.

Just add the Authenticator code to the end of your password.

See a new video here - http://betangel.kayako.com/News/NewsIte ... -bet-angel
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Just tried to log into Betdaq for 1st time in a long time and the phone I had used for 2 Step Authentication has been lost for some time. :evil: I probably had back up codes written down somewhere but I don't know where they are. :evil: :evil: :evil:

I suppose I could get in through the Ladbroke Exchange which was the same, or at least it was.
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