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Radio Rod
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Hi, I understand the need to concentrate your time in developing the Betfair version of Bet Angel, but could you spend a couple of minutes looking at a small issue on the Betdaq version please. It looks like there is a broken link to the Betdaq database as the Saddle Cloth, Stall Draw and Silks are no longer displayed in their fields in the grid. Trivial, but they were there in the past and have now gone!

Thanks, Rod
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Betdaq broke the hosting of their jockey silks for trading applications when they introduced the sportsbook to their web site.

We have asked them to update their API to fix this but are still waiting for them to do so.
If they don't fix it then it's possibly something development might be able to solve via a workaround
Radio Rod
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Many thanks for your prompt reply.

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Hi there,

Do you know if this ever got fixed? I'm looking to use Betdaq version of betangel but this is an absolutely essential piece which is missing.

I hope it's able to get fixed as I prefer BetAngel's layout vs other software providers


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