The changing face of 'Terms and Conditions'

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It used to be that T&Cs were generally transparent, fair and reasonable, but nowadays it's becoming the norm to make them ridiculously opaque and unfair. Following on from the infamous smarkets "we can cancel your bets at any time for any reason" debacle, here are Betdaq's T&Cs for XSP bets:

Betdaq intends that all requested XSP bets will be matched however XSP bets may not be matched in the following circumstances:
" An XSP cannot be declared on an event for any reason, technical or otherwise;
" The customer has requested more stake than is available for matching;
" Where a market is turned in-play or completed earlier or later than expected Betdaq may at its sole discretion decide to unmatch any XSP bets on the market
In any of the above circumstances XSP bets will be cancelled and will not be available for further matching.

Notice how often this "for any reason" and "sole discretion" nonsense is creeping in to T&Cs. It seems that by continuing to use these sites, you're deemed to have accepted the terms, no matter how draconian they may be.

I think it's time a stop was put to this insidious practice.
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If you put yourself in the operator's shoes, how would you write the T&Cs?
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vide0star wrote:
Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:49 am
If you put yourself in the operator's shoes, how would you write the T&Cs?
We can do whatever we like, so go f*ck yourself.
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You are going to be reading more terms and conditions + restrictions if regulatory bodies have their way.

The T's and C's are in many cases responses by operators to the Gambling Commission, ASA, and other bodies who all want a say.

They have a zeal to restrict exchanges and bookmakers.

It's better to be in the T and C's rather than read about an 18 year old saying he was diddled by an exchange in the Daily Mail, which then leads to questions in parliament and further restrictive legislation, which would harm us all who enjoy using the exchanges.
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