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BA team
Given the ongoing nonsense with Betfair reliability, when are you going to upgrade the Betdaq version?

I accept that it can't have all of the bells and whistles that the BF one does but a few more bits of functionality (like Book %) would really help. I want to try and move some of my automation over the Betdaq but am hampered at the moment.

Do you have any plans - even if you add functionality for a small addition to the annual charge, it'll be worth it.

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Does the Betdaq version offer Bookmaking yet? I know it didn't used to but I would use it so much more if that was available - even with a small addition to the annual charge as Dipstick mentions.
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Been using Betdaq since the start of the month because of the BF nonsence and its been running good, no complaints except in running lacks liquidity, imagine that will change in time. Would really like to see the nominated selection drop down boxes and percentage offset introduced. Pretty please ;)
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