Selecting Upcoming Markets in Guardian

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I was hoping to find a way to easily select all upcoming matches in a market without having to look for and select each one to add them in Guardian.

How do you do this for soccer matches in a similar way to the In-Play option in Betfair, which shows In-Play and all coming matches by time following one or two clicks?
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There are several ways of doing this, you could use the dedicated soccer tab detailed near the bottom of this page of the user guide ... ction.html

Or you can create you own bespoke 'market filter' to find the games that start within a time frame, have 'X' traded volume, from specific leagues or countries etc
See the following user guide page ... rkets.html

Ready-made examples can be downloaded from here (and tweaked/edited to your own requirements)

You can then go one step further and add your markets straight into a coupon in a design of your choice ... upons.html

Ready-made examples of coupons can be downloaded here

Finally once you've created your market filter/s and/or coupons you can assign a shortcut key so each day its just a case of pressing that key and Bet Angel will find and load your markets into Guardian and a coupon if required

That should get you going for a while ;)
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Thanks for that.

I did find the soccer tab and worked that one out. The other information is also extremely useful. I will play around to see how I go.

Thanks again.

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