Underlay/overlay when closing a trade on a selection

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Is there a way to customise closing a trade so that profit is distributed neither all on one side of the trade ('close trade on selection') nor equally distributed between the two ('close trade on selection with greening'), but rather somewhere in between? (Effectively overlaying or underlaying if closing a back bet.)

For example, if I backed a selection for £10 at 2.7 and lay odds are now 1.5:

Close trade on selection: Guardian would place a £10 lay bet @ 1.5 (Back win = £12 profit ; Lay win = £0 profit)
Close trade on selection with greening: Guardian would place a £18 lay bet @ 1.5 (Back win = £8 ; Lay win = £8)

How could I skew profit distribution to always be 80% : 20% towards the Lay bet outcome for instance?
(In the example above, I would want Guardian to place a £26 lay bet @ 1.5 (Back win = £4, Lay win = £16)

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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