Grey area around advanced charts

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Hi all,

I am new to Bet Angel and have a question about advanced charts.
I am trialing Bet Angel Trader 1.4.4d

I notice that when ever I look at any advanced chart there is a lot of unused space around it. No matter how I re-size the chart the blank space is always there. Happens in practice and live mode.
Doesnt happen on the Betfair charts.
As screen space is at a premium how can I fix this issue and get advanced charts to fill their own window with no blank space?


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Setting Windows to the Normal font setting of 96dpi should solve the problem.

To make the change, open Control Panel in Windows. Choose the 'Display' option and you should see an option called 'Change the size of all items'. With each version of Windows this is displayed differently, but you should normally see either a slider or a picklist or a set of buttons allowing you to pick the preferred size. You're looking for an option saying either: 100%, Smaller, Normal font or 96dpi (again the display depends on the version of Windows).
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Thank you!

That did the trick.
I found that I was set for 125% scaling.
Changing to 100% fixed it up - no more grey areas around the advanced charts.

However, that did make things a little smaller than I liked with my Windows 10.
Experimenting a bit, and in case anyone else ever has the issue, for me at least 150% scaling also works perfectly!


Steven. :D
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