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HI Guys,
First post.
Been using Make Market button whilst trading on IPL today.
Something i cant quite get me head around (i know you seasoned users will probably have a chuckle, but bear with me!), is that Make Market simply reverses the Back and Lay, if you had Back odds of, say, 3, and lay of 3.1 then it will place unmatched bets of Lay at 3 and Bet at 3.1 in the principle of making money as Back odds are higher than Lay ....still there ! :)

Now, in my basic brain, this means that we have to believe that the odds are going to swing both Lengthen for the Back to match then shorten for the Lay to match.

I am thinking about this the right way?
Can anybody make it a bit simpler for my small brain?
Also, on what side (thinking cricket) should i make market ? the team i think are going to do better in the short term, or the team i dont think are going to do better in the short term.

Thanks Guys
Be gentle
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You are close, the odds don't really need to swing both ways they just need to remain stable
If you 'Make Market' by offering a lay bet at 3.0 and a back bet at 3.05 (and assume your bets are now at the front of the queue)

As people place back bets they will be matched against your money at 3.0, at the same time if anyone places a lay bet it will be matched against your money at 3.05

End result both your bets are matched and the back price is still 3.0 and the lay price still 3.05
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