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I have been watching the Betfair Trading for Beginners video on YouTube and have a couple of queries.

1/. It shows a betangel chart as opposed to the betfair one. I have downloaded it as per the link in the video but, although I can get it to show up, it does not have the full functionality of the one on the video. e.g. you cannot scroll back and it does not show the trade volume, only the price movement. the link to the download is viewtopic.php?f=67&t=22921.

2/. I am also trying to show custom columns as per one of the newbit videos and the link to the topic is viewtopic.php?f=69&t=24409. I have managed to get the columns to show but they are just blank. tbh the instructions on the download page are confusing to say the least.

Can anyone help?

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1) You need to have the markets is Guardian so they can retrieve updates from Betfair and begin plotting the charts

2) Similar to above have you added the markets to Guardian and applied the .baf rules file to them?
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Hi there

I've been wanting to have advanced charts to be able to look back on at the end of the day. From what I'm seeing it looks like the market still needs to be open to be able to go back through the chart data?

I.e If I select a market in Guardian and open it on the One Click screen, if that market is still open (or suspended) then I'm able to scroll back though the chart data on any selection. If the market is closed, then the charts are blank.

(I have Restrict Refresh unchecked to make sure that the window for data being collected isn't cut off.)

If this is by design, then I'm guessing that doing something with Stored Values logging odds data and then plotting that in a chart myself is the way to go?

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