Anyone read any good books?

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I'm currently reading Technical Analysis for Dummies at the moment but could do with ordering something else for when that's finished.

Can anyone recommend a good book that they've read which they found helpful?
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I highly recommend both books by Mark Douglas,
The Disciplined Trader and Trading in The Zone, very good for helping you develope the right trading mindset.
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I've found "The New Market Wizards" by Jack D. Schwager gives a very good insight into the mind of a successful trader and have taken some good stuff from it.
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After reading 'The Psychology of Trading' by Brett N. Steenbarger I never really looked at trading the same way again. Its focus is primarily on attaining the right mindset. In my experience, I can safely say its £30 very well spent.
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Enemy Number One by patrick veitch is a good book although its more about mindset of punting than trading although both are intrinsically linked.
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If you want to save some money or you live in a country where it is very hard to find books in English (as I do) then the website has some great articles that can be printed out.
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Just ordered Trading in the Zone. :)
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currently reading 'come into my trading room'.by
Dr Alexander Elder.

The Bourne Identity. great book.

not much chop for trading though
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Ive just ordered trading in the zone, seems like a popular choice.
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