would you give me a little help to record data with excel? i am a beginner

Discussion regarding the spreadsheet functionality of Bet Angel.
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I premise that, I'm working hard for a month to learn excel and vba..I do not like even a little, and every day is a great effort to spend an hour to follow a course on the web of vba...however it is necessary to develop my ideas...
I've been procrastinating for 15 years to learn how to use a pc..I'm 39 years old..now it's almost impossible to compete in the market without having these skills. (programming)... God I hate computers!

so,i've arrived at the fifteenth vba lesson of 79...macro,debug.print,dim,option explicit etc ...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,lol,constant variables...and i don't know what will happen when i have to tell excel to backtest this or that(but i think at the end this won't be particularly difficult)
all this to say that before I bore others I try to do it myself...I would like to see a small result,and in my opinion even if I seem to be close to getting it,probably who knows in how many lessons I will find what I need.

i would like to open betangel on some live soccer game,open the excel worksheet,and tell the program the following thing: "record in cell f2 and f3 the back and lay odds of the over 2.5 goal market at minute 1 of the game,then go to the cells below and do the same thing at minute 2,then at minute 3 and so on until the end of the game. (I do not know what happens during the half time! but it does not matter if it continues to record ... I do not even know what happens if the market is suspended because there is a goal ... probably will come out a message like those that Uncle Scrooge used to do when he was dumb) ... in the evening I open the sheet, I see the data and I begin to reason about what my eyes see.

is it very difficult?
thank you
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i tried with the program posted by sweetish on horse racing, but it doesn't work.(more precisely: i must be doing something wrong! :lol: )

and I used the templates of betangel..they work in a wonderful way! data on data! wow! 8-) when it's all over there is no data recorded :twisted: ....and so I realized :idea: that I have to put some formula to record them :cry:

here is the reason for my request

I'm probably wrong, but it seems simple and yet I can't do it!
I should go to the excel worksheet, and write: if(f4= 1.00.00 : copy.(value) in c2 (it's an example),then if(f4=2.00.00: ..... and so on until the end of the match

that's it! I expect it to be a formula like that or something simple...no?
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Try this one, after connecting the sheet just set the interval/capture time to every 60secs

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it's gorgeous...I almost have tears

Now I have to figure it out, there will probably be something that doesn't work...but for the moment it's really happening! it works! oh my goooooddddddddd

15 years to see something like this :D
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