Iphone Spreadsheet advice please?

Discussion regarding the spreadsheet functionality of Bet Angel.
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Good morning,

I'm wondering does any members know of a spreadsheet which works well on iPhone.? I'm just looking something pretty simple. What I would like is a sheet with an opening balance which allows me to input my daily p&l after each days trading / betting. I would appreciate any help or advice.

Thank you....
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Google sheets are available on iphone.

I sync the same spreadsheet with windows desktop.

Its plenty good enough.
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Hi, so I haven't used it myself but have seen it mentioned here in the forums: https://betdiary.io/
Not a spreadsheet but mentions it uses a responsive design so should work on a mobile browser 🤞
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'Numbers' is Apple's spreadsheet app. I think it came with the iphone, if not it will be free in the app store. Green background with white column chart.

+ takes you to templates
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