HELP please with some simple commands to add to my rule

Discussion regarding the spreadsheet functionality of Bet Angel.
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Hi Everyone,
I have been mucking around with excel for a little bit now but are very much a Novice.
I have a rule which i got from Betfair which i need some help in editing.The rule so far is


The problem is i do not know how to add the arguments i want to this rule?
basically when AK9>0 lay,then or if AM9>0 GREEN,Take profit if D10>2, and a Safety GREEN 10 secs beforeOFF
Would someone be kind enough to lend a couple of minutes and i will send you a PM.
Hoping in advance i will be very Appreciative.
Regards Toota
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How = if / and works is


two or more conditions are tested for),

then if true give the cell this value for example "LAY",

or if not true give the cell an alternative value eg "" )
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