Bank asking for proof of income

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Derek27 wrote:
Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:57 pm
eightbo wrote:
Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:08 pm
better shift your funds before that 2 week deadline comes as well to be on safe side.
I was going to say it would be pointless warning a customer that their account will be locked in two weeks if they were going to allow the funds to be withdrawn. But as I write I'm thinking, where are they going to be moved to? Another bank will be asking the same questions and moving money along a chain of banks won't make things any easier. :)
disagree, move the funds to 2nd current acc. if avail.

Doubt 2nd bank would even call to check what it was about, seems like it's the transaction/account history Santander have an issue with not the sum itself.

OP has done nada wrong 1st time round & last time I checked moving cash between bank accs you own is legal too.

Even if Santander have premise to force the other bank to co-operate it would at least give OP additional time to figure out the best way forward?

@OP If it's a decent sum maybe seek professional legal help asap. You'll probs get the information you need as part of a free consultation.
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Have spoken to Betfair asking me if they can provide me with something that I could show to my bank, they sent me a spreadsheet with my P+L for the year in.
No chance the bank will accept this as proof as I could easily have just made this myself.

I asked Betfair if they could send me a letter, with some official letterhead on so that it looks a bit more legitimate.
Betfair told me they don't do this anymore.
(I did throw the "I pay you a small fortune each year and all I want is one letter sent to my house" line but no dice!)
I'm not worried about the situation, I can just move the money to another account if the worst comes to the worst, it's just a hassle I can do without.

I've made a total of 26 deposits/withdrawals (combined figure) this year from Betfair, so it's not as if I've been moving large amounts of money back and forth non stop and the agent with Santander said it was just a routine check and I hadn't been targeted because of anything I'd done.
I have been moving large sums of money into Betfair/Share dealing accounts/Savings accounts for as long as I've had this account and never had a problem, so it's just frustrating that Santander don't seem to be able accept that Betfair is my source of income.

It also doesn't help that every time I want to speak to Santander I have to spend 30+ mins on hold but that's a different story :D
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Santander are shocking in Spain be glad you'e at least dealing with the UK staff!

Have you asked Santander to define what classifies as "proof of income" ?
If not statements what exactly do they expect of you ? Presumably they are following some internal procedure which should outline the requirements.

If you're still stuck mid-next-week drop me a PM I've got an inside man we can reach out to maybe he'll be of some help.
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Thats super worrying.
At least they havent closed your account....yet like some other banks are doing lately, namely Natwest which is closing peoples' accounts for absolutely no reason. There is even a fb page dedicated to that and some of the mainstream media covered the topic lately as well and even local MPs, politicians are involved but not sure if its gonna change anything tho.
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