RIP Edward de Bono

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If you don't know him he's the guy who recognised the importance of lateral thinking. Not the inventor of it obviously but he brought it to prominence. Prolific author with too many good books to mention.

Fav quote : Thinking is a skill that must be learned.

How true.
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i liked one of the little gems from his obituary in the guardian: ... o-obituary

Imagine, he said, that a money lender claims a merchant’s daughter in lieu of her father’s debt. The merchant and daughter concoct a compromise. The money lender will put a black stone in one bag and in the other, a white. If the daughter chooses the black stone, she will be doomed to marry the money lender and the debt cancelled; if the white she will stay with her father and the debt be cancelled. But as the trio stand on a pebble-strewn path, she notices the money lender putting a black stone in each bag. What should she do to avoid a nightmarish fate?

This is where lateral thinking – ie, employing unorthodox means to solve a problem – comes in. De Bono suggested the daughter should pick either bag, but fumble and drop her stone on to the path. “Since the remaining pebble is of course black, it must be assumed she picked the white pebble, since the money lender dare not admit his dishonesty.”

love creative thinking ;)
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De Bono was the guy that got me into thinking a bit differently early in my career. Read quite a few of his books.
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He has a lot of books. Would you guys mind mentioning your favourite? or what you consider to be most useful to the average minded person (such as myself).... if they had time to read just one.

The 'Lateral Thinking' book is mentioned around the web, seems there are lots of his books with that in the title....There is even one "Lateral Thinking for management"...(of which I almost bought cause it was the cheapest.... gah...wouldn't that have been a mistake...pfft,'s that lateral thinking...?)
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