Classic money saving expert 1st goalscorer overound thread

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I Remember getting an e-mail from a trader friend of mine as this was actually happening and then watching the overound touch 100% :lol:

amazing scenes
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This is top quality stuff - I love the change in tone of the posts as the penny drops.
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I'd love to know the final outcome, especially for 'Reason' who was £12k down

I've never read that thread before, that was 10 minutes of great entertainment.

Page 2 suggested BF was going to help them, and not chase the debts. If that was the case, it shows how the company has changed in the years since!
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Gambling debts are not enforcable
So they couldn't go after them for money that wasn't in their accounts even if they wanted to.

but i dont know what betfair actually did,
either they voided the market or just left the people with negative balances, carn't remember now.
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High quality stuff. :D

I wonder who got all the money in the pocket?
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This is an all time classic and a good reminder to read the rules. I wasn't on this market but it would have been a golden opportunity for the astute.
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The best bit is the blaming of betfair.

A fool and his money as they say
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cashflow wrote:The best bit is the blaming of betfair.
IMO Betfair did have some blame as they should never show an overround percentage on a market where multiple withdrawals / voids / non-runners are inevitable.

They certainly would have had a tough time in the English law courts attempting to recoup gambling debts to clients that hadn't completed a credit-act-compliant credit application prior to wagering.

Just my tuppenyworth...
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whilst it was a scary read, would you seriously just jump off the cliff like that without having at least had experience or knowledge of the implications of voided selections?.

a parable about the blindness of greed. i wouldn't have wanted the guys involved to suffer more than they did, but tbh, it's borderline as to whether i have a lot of empathy for the scenario that they got themselves into. that said, there have been many experiments conducted which show that when a critical mass all repeat the same mistake, the others follow (and then some...)
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