Displaying Profit/Loss on the ladder in terms of %

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I'd like to suggest the ability to display Profit and Loss on the ladder in terms of %

Either "optionally instead of" or "as well as" (in the form of another column) the monetary green and red column we already have.

This would help with self discipline / managing your trade if you've set out with a plan of say getting out on 20% green or 20% red.

It would obviously need to constantly update as stakes are added or subtracted in the same way the monetary P/L does.

I think this would be particularly helpful to new traders.

Sorry I can't add a poll to this as I don't know how.

If anyone that does would like to add one feel free.
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Having any kind of visible PL, be it monetary or percentage, isn't a good idea imo. The market doesn't care what your PL is therefore your PL isn't a factor in deciding whether to increase or reduce your position.

Whenever I see people wanting to exit at a given £, ticks or percentage I figure they've given up on reading the market. Knowing roughly what your overall cash position is has some use so you can see you're happy with your exposure, or £s per tick, but the actual amount of your current unrealised PL is just a distraction. Even the fact +ve and -ve are different colours gives rise to poor decision making.

But there you go, that's the consequence of 'trading' being interpreted as an extry and an exit rather than a series of bets on the next market direction, followed by a hedging bet at the end if necessary. If you get the suggestion through then fair play but it does seem like a gimmick that would encourage a mindset that's a prime cause of new people failing.

(sorry, bit of a rant there Shuffler :) . You've hit on two of my pet peeves , one being that trading isn't an entry and an exit, and people using one set of criteria for one bet and then different set for another.)
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