Betting Delay added to Seconds Before Rearming for Football

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Abbility to add Betting Delay to Wait Time.

That would be AWESOME!!
I suppose so. Could be handy.
What a dumb idea.
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Since Soccer has such a large range of betting delay times, if you have an automation that you want to run across multiple leagues and countries you end up having to either have numerous Automation versions, then go through picking the right one for each match or you can set a Rearm Delay time of 15+ seconds. I've been trying to work out how to use a Condition to automatically delay rearming until "Xseconds + Betting Delay" has passed. So far not working very well.

Can we have the Betting Delay for an Event available as an addition to the Wait time in the General tab of the rules?

Perhaps as a check box like the Rearm every refresh check box. Just have a Add Event Delay time check box.

That way Automations would automatically tune for each event.

Or am I missing something, or has anyone worked out an elegant solution for a work around other than setting a 15sec delay time across the board?
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