enhance number of unmatched bets condition to include type of bet and odds range

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hi folks,

scenario: frequently find myself in position when scalping on tennis where my unmatched bets tend to stack up at around similar odds while the market fluctuates outside the range.

proposed solution:
It would be good to know at time of placing new automated bet, if its already likely to be overleveraged at certain odds before placing new bet again on those odds.

for this, maybe could enhance number(count) of unmatched bets condition to include:
a) type of unmatched bet (back or lay condition or both - like in unmatched bets amount condition)
b) count within certain range (perhaps less-than, greater-than in addition to in-between a certain range) that current back or lay price (fixed odds) falls into.
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This would be a really good thing to have!
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miroos wrote:
Sun Nov 29, 2020 5:33 pm
a belated +1 from me also..

this has been discussed widely before. the conclusion was to expose customerStrategyRef (in a user friendly form), to allow bets from different rules sets, similar rules sets to be grouped together... it's part of the API, no reason to limit functionality by excluding it.
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