Stored Value 2nd and 3rd Best Market Price

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Please make it possible to address/save the 2nd and 3rd best market price (lay and back) in a stored value.


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You already can...

In stored values section apply an "adjustment" plus or minus number of ticks required and save as a SV...
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yes, you can add it as shown below (in this case, i'm pointing at the money available). to get the odds at the 2nd/3rd 4th prices, follow the path that sionscraig mentions above:
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@sionascaig and jimibt: Thanks!

You are right with the ticks adjustment and the money available in combination you can work it out (even in markets with a lot of empty odds).

Thanks again!
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I think he is talking about markets with gaps between prices ,1st and 2nd / 2nd and 3rd, as displayed on one click screen (not excel)

Using a tick it will help only on markets without gaps
I would like to use as an example 1st best price 4.6
2nd best price 6
3rd best 7.2

In this case I can't use ticks because it will take 4.6, 4.7, 4.8. Option on stored valued I haven't discovered yet.
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