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It would be great if there was a way to integrate a 3rd party inplay feed so that the score in a football match can be acted upon.
I know it is possible to try and get the score from the CS market - but there are a lot of games now where BetFair doesn't have a CS market.
I know it might well involve subscription to another service but being able to have automation act depending on what the actual score is would be really useful.

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If you are using Excel then there's nothing to stop you importing the scores or whatever other information you need, then creating a macro to trigger bets off that.

For Bet Angel to offer it the cost of license currently still exceeds by a fair margin any amount that could be added on to subscription costs to cover the feed.
The search is still go on to see if another solution can be found at some point in the future
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Thankyou Dallas. Pulling the goal information into excel somehow would work.
I think many of us use inplay scanners anyway so an extra subscription wouldn't exactly be a deal breaker.
It would be a heck of a lot easier if BetFair had the goal information on their data feeds - I can't for the life of me think why they don't actually make that available via their api but I assume they must have a reason.

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If you do go the Excel route, SofaScore have a free API that you can query for scores and stats. I use it for in game tennis stats and, even though I thought it would be a difficult process, it's actually very easy to pass the home and away current score etc from Excel to Guardian as Stored Values. I worked out how to do it all in a few hours.
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