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Would A Notes Tab On Guardian Be Useful?

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Hi All,

In the short time I've been using BetAngel I found Guardian extremely helpful, having everything in one place is fantastic. However, I personally think it would be extremely helpful if I could attach notes to markets in Guardian so I can remember exactly why I may have put something there, I put the upcoming Leeds game in their and by the time I went back to look at it, I had forgotten why (I remember now) but a quick reference could be extremely helpful to note down odds/reasoning/tips/reminders etc?

Apologies if there is already something like this, I had a quick scan through the user manual for "notes" and couldn't find anything, please feel free to delete this if I am wrong.
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hey there...

while i think this is a decent idea, i think you may find that the majority of users of BA break down into 2 distinct camps:

* Automation users
* Manual traders

the automation users (like myself) will have a pretty clearly defined set of criteria that is applied to selections and thus market level notes would have no relevance. in truth, i'm very unlikely to ever review what markets are in Guardian.

the manual traders may benefit from a transitory note scheme, tho i'd bet that most have either an excel spreadsheet or have the experience to judge the market by reviewing the makeup of it and thus have a gut feel for what they will do.

If you take the path down to automation, then i think a notes scheme would be useful in relation to lines within the rules themselves. these notes would have a persistence which would allow you to version rules and review a history of what the rule does and what changes were made. this has been suggested by Anbell is a previous thread viewtopic.php?f=20&t=22168

Fyi -i put *Maybe* ;)
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Wouldn't mind having something like a REM (Remark) statement like used in the Basic programming language that you could add to the rules file.
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