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xtrader16 wrote:
Wed Jan 20, 2021 11:27 am

This is a full-time job opportunity that could earn somebody £2000-4000+ (if people bought into it) each month by helping people who need help. What is £20 per month ? You will lose more than that in time sitting there going through your automation files that need constant tweaking in practice mode over a 30-day period.
The idea has merit but I don't think you're looking at it from a practical point of view.

For a start I don't think you'd get 200 subscribers but lets say you did. Producing the videos wouldn't be all that time consuming but answering the questions from 200 people would be. How many questions do you think would be fired at this poor guy on a daily basis? You're right it would be a full time job, 4-5 hours every day answering questions.

And you wouldn't need hundreds of video's to cover everything you want so after a month or two I think most people after watching all these videos would have a good handle on how everything works. There would be no longer any need for a subscription service.

I think its more feasible to set up some kind of group like you suggested where people can get together and fill in the blanks for each other. The problem even with that is for every 10 people who are there to learn the ins and outs of the software there will be 100 people there to just nick an idea or two and who will contribute nothing.

Imo you're looking at this whole subject too big picture and that can be very daunting, You're best off focusing on one piece of automation and understanding that then moving on to another piece.

It doesn't happen overnight but it can be worth it in the end
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