Reverse Greening & Greening at Custom Reverse Prices on One-Click Screen

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If you use the one-click screen a big limitation, you’ll notice in other trading software is only having the ability to see and green up your trade at the current price.

With Bet Angel that’s not a problem, you can create your own custom columns to display your trade profit (with or without greening) at the reverse price, for individual selections or all selections - giving you the full benefits of the ladder greening options on your one-click screen

Reverse Green OC Screen 1.jpg

Before going any further if you are unsure what ‘Reverse Greening’ and what the benefits are please see this post for a detailed explanation

In the example i'm about to show, in addition to the regular ‘trade profit’ column I’ve also added custom columns to display the Reverse Green All Profit, and Reverse Green Selection Profit.

In the image below i've opened a position and could now click the figure in the regular ‘Trade Profit’ column and green all open trades and take the profit at the current price of £5.47
However, using the custom columns I could instead click the ‘Reverse Green All’ figure and offer my greening up bets at the reverse price of both selections i've opened trades on and if these get matched I’ll have increased my profit from this trade to £9.55.

Or if I just want to exit one of my trades at the reverse greening price ie, the one on the second runner I could click the 'Reverse Green Selection' button for that 2nd runner, and that will offer my green up bet at the reverse price on just that selection which as you can see in the image below if matched will secure a £5.71p profit.

I’ve also added a ladder to the side of the image just for illustration purposes, so you can see after submitting the reverse green order were the bet would appear on the ladder

Reverse Green OC Screen 2.jpg

Reverse Green at ANY Price

However as I touched on above you can create custom columns to display your P/L and place reverse greening at any price you want, ie, you might want add column to place reverse greening bets at a percentage or number of ticks away from the current price, this enables you to get your bets in the market ready and waiting to be matched – just as you can do on the ladder screen.

In the image below I've added a custom column to place 'Reverse Green' bets 10 ticks outside the current price, this is currently showing i'd make £23.44 if I were to click it now and the price drifts out to 6.2 and it gets matched.
Again using a ladder for illustation purposes you can see where this would appear on the ladder.

Reverse Green +10.jpg

Whats Required

Setting this up requires combining three of Bet Angels features, a rules file to store the P/L's, a servant to submit the bets, finally custom columns to display the values and start the servant.
Don't worry if it sounds complicated, all the files needed have already been made for you, you just need to follow the instructions below and download the files and import them into your Bet Angel, you can then edit or tweak them any way you want if you want something slightly different to what you see in this example.

Creating a Rules File

The first thing you need is a rules file applied to the markets in Guardian, using Stored Values (shared) this rule file can store any reverse greening price. Below I’ve included a ready-made rules file you can download and import into you Bet Angel.

The rules file will store the Reverse Green value (p/l) for the market, Reverse Green value (p/l) for each selection and the Reverse Green value +10 ticks for each selection, the custom columns will then look up the values in these stored values lists and display them to you as shown in the earlier images in this post.

Guardian Import Image.jpg
Reverse Green Stored Values.baf


To submit the greening orders you’ll need to use servants, the servant/s can then be assigned to a custom column allowing you to click that column/button to start the servant and place the bet.
The following post explains in detail how to assign a servant to a custom column on your one-click screen

To achieve everything you see in the image at the top of this post you will need the three servants below, once downloaded just import them into your servant manager.

Servant Import Image.jpg
Reverse Green All.baf
ASC Reverse Green Selection.baf
ASC Reverse Green Sel +10 Ticks.baf

Creating the Custom Columns

Now it’s time to create your custom columns, these need to display the P/L from the rules file and also start the servants to submit the bets when clicked. On your one click screen click ‘settings’ and then ‘Edit Custom’ columns.

CC Edit.jpg

When the custom colum editor window opens select 'Custom Column 1', as your 'column to edit' or whatever your first spare column is if you've already made some columns previoustly. Then enter the information as shown below, this first column will start the 'Reverse Green All' servant and display the Stored Value name 'reversegreenmarket' (ie, your reverse green p/l value)

Reverse Green All CC.jpg

Once you've done that click 'Save' at the bottom and select another column to edit and this time enter the following information to create a column to start the 'Reverse Green Selection' servant and display the stored value named 'reversegreenselection' (ie, your reverse green p/l for each individual selection).

Reverse Green Selection CC.jpg

Then click 'Save' again and if you want to add the reverse green +10 ticks select another column to edit and enter the following information

Reverse Green +10 CC.jpg

Once you've finished creating your columns and closed the 'custom column editor' window the next step is select those columns to display on your one-click screen. To do this click the icon which looks like a calandar


Then tick your newly created columns

Custom Column Chooser.jpg

You are now ready to go, all you need to do now is add your markets to Guardian and apply the .baf rules file from further up in this post.
Then whenever you open a trade you'll see your 'Reverse Greening' profits and be able to click them to green up your trades in your newly created columns.

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Adding a 'Green Selection' Custom Column

If you would like to add in a Custom Column to Green up individual selections at the best price (rather than greening all using the regular Trade Profit column),

greenselection OC.jpg

All you need to do is add the following stored value to the ‘Reverse Green Stored Value List.baf’ file from the post above.
Or add it to one of your own existing rules files


If you also want to create a custom column to green up individual selections at the reverse price, then repeat the stored value above but change the Price used for look up from;
‘The Current Market Price of a Selection’ to ‘Reverse Market Price of a Selection’.

Custom Column Set up

Then to create your Custom Column use the following information

greenselection cc.jpg

Reverse Green Individual Selection
If adding a reverse green selection column you would probably want to change the name of the stored value to something like ‘reversegreenselection’ then ensure you enter whatever name you choose into the custom column editor when creating that part.
Then create an identical servant but on the parameters tab use ‘Reverse Market Price’.
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