100,000 thanks from the Bet Angel team!

We will update this with things that we think you should know.
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JollyGreen wrote:
Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:00 am
Galilee66 wrote:I think that it is right, meet and proper that JollyGreen was the first to respond to the initial post from BA. If all forums had the likes of JollyGreen there would be greater harmony in the world. He has been generous in his advioce and has never been antagonistic or aggressive.

Congratulations to the BA Forum on 100,000.

Much appreciated, as always. I know I have not been around that much of late but I hope to make a comeback!!

Yay! Would look forward to more insights. very useful.

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Should of flagged this yesterday really

Doesn't seem that long ago we hit the 100k mark which started this thread and currently this years several thousand posts ahead of this time in 2020 which was the best year to date and at this rate the 500k milestone should be here in just a few years!

Well done to everyone who's contributed

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Trader Pat
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That's a nice sentiment!

For the most part the posts have been educational, funny or insightful so keep it going everyone!
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Well done Peter and big thank you for an outstanding piece of software way above the others specially thanks to the servant feature
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