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We will update this with things that we think you should know.
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We've uploaded two forum styles for you to use.

If you wish to switch to something that 'looks' similar to the old forum: -

Visit the user control panel: -

And select 'prosilver' in 'myboardstyle'

If you navigate indirectly to the user control panel you can select the alternative forums under the 'User control panel' / 'Board preferences' section.

The 'new' style is called 'Milk v2'
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nice option thank you Euler
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thanks for the option, feels much better already
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prosilver it is - much more user friendly
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LeTiss wrote:
Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:19 pm
prosilver it is - much more user friendly
This is now better than the old. Great Job.
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prosilver also works well on mobile devices - neat and compact
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Much better, thanks.
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Happier with the new option, thanks
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prosilver better - shows more detail - quite a few forums use that look :)
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The prosilver style is very nice. I like the colors (even though I'm color blind, or maybe because :-) ). I think what could improve it even more is having the 'quick links' directly on the page. 'Active topics' is my most clicked link on this forum. For others I hear it is 'New posts'. No idea if this is something you can tweak, but it would certainly make a difference.
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