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I have just seen that this seems to be an issue with latest Excel versions. I can get around it for the moment by creating all my rules and formlae prior to connecting.
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nigelk wrote:
Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:04 am

3rd article
Hi Nigel, i am in the same situation but the link you posted doesnt work any more it seems. I have managed to spread mine over 60 sheets and it clears the cells when offline, but it wont place more than one bet because for some reason it clears the full sheet of formulas when connected to BetAngel.

I have created a seperate module for each sheet:

Sub Reset_Bet15()

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Sheets("Bet Angel (15)").Select




Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

Have any ideas?
Much appreciated
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Just add this to a module then call it from your sheet ie Call ClearMerged("Bet Angel (3)")

If you don't want to clear the Bet Angel generated cells then remove the Rg1.MergeArea.ClearContents line.

Sub ClearMerged(shtName As String)

Dim Rg As Range, Rg1 As Range
Set Rg = Sheets(shtName).Range("L9:O68")
If Rg Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
For Each Rg1 In Rg
If Rg1.MergeCells Then
Rg = ""
End If
End Sub
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Not sure what I am missing but it doesnt seem to work for me. It always says, "RESET REQUUIRED.". Even though the range is all clear.
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nigelk wrote:
Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:04 am

3rd article
WARNING: I followed this link and was redirected from the expected address to one of suspicious makeup! It downloaded ransomeware. It was relatively easy to get out of (I used Task Master and closed all windows of the browser) but it was a pain recovering all the webpages I had open. I'm not an expert but I think Nigel's link is totally innocent because it first takes you to the intended address and then redirects. I suspect the target address has been doctored.
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Be really careful when you try and resolve this. I set my sheet to use the timer(countdown) as the trigger to clear but as it keepsresubmitting the data each refreshI had 900 bets attempted every 200 miliseconds and ended up with a £100 charge in one day for failed bets on the betangel API. ( I ran it on a personal VPS and left it running all day)

I have found a sheet that resolves this now by having a one click function for all 30sheets and places bets but I am now working on splitting that up into a one button for each sheet .... I have just given myself a great idea on how to do that lol. My Mum always said I shouldnt talk to myself but I guess typing to myself is ok?
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Hello folks,

I'm interested to know how people stop this bot firing extra bets using Excel formula. I try and stop it by using an IF statement so that no commands are placed in Column L if any of the bet info Columns T to AE are not blank.

However, this bot seems to clear the status cells way quicker than than the bet info columns are updated. So what ends up happening is that my sheet fires off an extra bet before the sheet "sees" the bet info columns filled and ensures that command cells remain blank.

Any advice? Thanks.

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