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Hi all

My apologies if this is an obvious question. I'm new to Bet Angel, so the answer may be obvious... but, I've searched the forums and haven't found an exact answer, so I need assistance please!

I have an automation that looks to lay a horse that starts with relatively low lay odds, but creeps up during in-play.

My rules are as follows:

Arm 25 seconds after event goes in play
Applies to ANY selection
- Place at Best market price
- Stake by liability (Back and Lay) at $50
Conditions: (Applies to Current (ANY selection))
- Market is in play
- Matched bets on current selection = 0
- Unmatched bets on current selection = 0
- Lay price 20 seconds ago < 5
- Lay price > 10.5
- Lay price < 15

What I would expect to happen:
If there is a horse that starts with lay odds less than 5, but drifts up above 10.5 (but less than 15), a bet would be placed with a liability of up to $50.

What actually happens:
Most of the time, this works as expected... but sometimes a bet is placed outside of the specified range, say at 5.5 or 30. Usually, however, when it misfires, it's less than my minimum value and I end up losing... that is, a bet is placed at 6 and the horse goes on to win, costing me money.

Other information: I'm set for streaming on the API and have limited the number of markets I'm tracking at any one time (usually <5), so I don't think it's a timing thing.

The question is:
Why is this happening and what can I do to ensure that bet is never placed outside of my acceptable range? I don't want to hard specify a number if I can help it, e.g., "place a bet at 11" and would rather stick at market, but ONLY when market is between my nominated low and high marks.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!
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