High-frequency trading and the $440m mistake

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"Latency Arbitrage is an important concept when discussing High Frequency Trading, and refers to the fact that different people and firms receive market data at different times. These time differences, known as latencies, may be as small as a billionth of a nanosecond, but in the world of high speed trading, such differences can be crucial."

Source http://altanswer.com/video/latency-arbitrage/

In the world of BF, change billionth of a nanosecond to anywhere between 3-8 seconds for some of their inplay markets! :lol:
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Some interesting data in the article underneath that: -

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PeterLe wrote:Liam
Thanks for posting; Ill have a read of that after the racing.
If you haven't read it already, Flashboys is a good read. Its certainly made me think more about how I interface with betfair
I just finished it! Loved it, really interesting how similar it is to what happens across betfair and betdaq. I even created my own hft bot this morning that made 20p :D
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a kind of high frequency trading 200 years ago

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