BITCOIN as an alternative to regular currency

Long, short, Bitcoin, forex - Plenty of alternate market disuccsion.
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Euler wrote:I've hijacked the header on this thread to post up useful information
Current BitCoin price ... ni/BTC-USD ... AMP:BTCUSD

Historic pricing
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it all witch craft

proper money would seem to be nothing but binary numbers that only exist inside a machine some where - it as no intrinsic value - based on nothing - all very alice in wunder land

now bit coins which only exist in machines no intrinsic value blah blah blah- all maddness

its all witch craft
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FIAT currencies are no different - they are also backed by nothing.

my bruv bought some bitcoins a few months ago and they have doubled in "value".

bitcoin is an interesting idea, but i suspect it will turn out to be another ponzi scheme - and even if it doesn't the govt/FED will step in and make them illegal because they won't want others taking a share of their own FIAT ponzi.
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Fell 60% yesterday lol
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Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme for nerds. The rate of creation of new bitcoins (calling 'mining') is designed to mimic the old gold currency - that is, it encourages hoarding, which results in destructive busts (and deflation). Like all ponzi schemes, the few who got in early will reap great profits, and everyone else will be relieved of their money when the price crashes. ... erfetters/
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Trading platforms are springing up now for Bitcoin exchanges
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It looks a bit boiler roomy to me. Is it for real?
60% fall in one day, let me move you over to this next stock sir that will quadruple in 10hrs but to do so the minimum entry is another 200k. Can you handle that?......... wait for it........wait........ silence...... ok
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sierra chart have had a bitcoin data feed for a while
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I have never really understood the Bitcoin thing but I do play a fair bit of poker and am a regular visitor to the OpenHoldem Forum ( its an open source poker botting platform ) and there is a sub-section of the forum devoted to Bitcoin mining.Personally I don't really understand what they are doing but if any of you are interested take a look.
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