Trading fast and thinking slow: Thinking outside the herd to give you the edge

Trading is often about how to take the appropriate risk without exposing yourself to very human flaws.
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This is the third of three parts and the section I found most relevant for trading.
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here's a reup of the YT vid which is private on the article (Social Influence)
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Here is your answer to most detail you need about cognitive biases: - ... dex_en.svg
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i liked the attitude of the general store guy... buy more shovels!! :D
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Thanks for the additional contributions.

I find trading can sometimes make me S1 dominant - especially after reds, I make more snap decisions in the following markets.

Is there a method of re-balancing one's system, to ensure S1 isn't too dominant and S2 is able to moderate that intuition?

As I've said I'm elsewhere, I'm S1 dominant so the intuition is important to how I trade, but it can sometimes lead me astray.
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