Can Bet Angel do this?

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Hi all,

I read a betfair post from 2010 about a 'trigger' file for another software. The aim was to dutch-lay three horses based on their book percentage dropping.

Breakdown of the trigger:

max_liab - liability of the Dutching bets
green_perc - minimum profit percentage for the green-up
min_gap - minimum price gap between the first and second favourites, in ticks
drop_prc - how much the cumulative odds must drop (in per cent)
min_runners - minimum number of runners in the race
min_rank - minimum rank of the favourite to lay on
max_rank - maximum rank of the favourite to lay on
min_fav_price - favourite's minimum price at which loss distribution kicks in (at In-Play)
mins_before_start - when to start betting (the number of minutes before the off)

Anyway, got me thinking. I have tried my best to replicate the idea in Guardian, but have failed.

Is it even possible to automate?
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It's not a 'novice' type of file to set up but yes it is all possible, there is an example here on how to dutch runners which hold a certain book%

What you effectively need to do is stored those original percentages rather than trigger the bets then set some more rules up to trigger the bets using those first values as conditions to test if the price has moved enough for you.
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