How would you test your computerization documents?

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As a significant number of you likely know, fabricating a mechanization record in BetAngel is an extraordinary encounter. Testing that mechanization record - not really. I've seen that as a large portion of the bots I make in BetAngel expect me to take into account some edge cases which might happen seldom. This implies running practically speaking mode and watching is for the most part an exceptionally wasteful method for testing. Also, the logs frequently don't give sufficient data to work out the exact thing occurred in a given circumstance.

My answer has been to set up screen recording which records both the stepping stool and the result of the logs simultaneously so I can replay it and see the exact thing has occurred on the lookout and how my bot responded. I can then fix up any bugs accordingly. This maintains a strategic distance from me sitting and watch the market strongly, possibly missing something, however it actually requires some work in setting up the screen recording and trusting that the case I am trying happens in that specific market.

I'd be keen on hearing how others approach ensuring their bots are working accurately in all circumstances.
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