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i have a need to automate a back bet on a nominated selection provided it is favourite and less than $4 at 60 seconds before the jump.
My question is: Is this either, an excel or a guardian solution, or even both. If it's both, in your humble opinion, which is easier to achieve?

I am researching the betangel tv, the forum and the blog to get ideas. If i can get the answer to this, it would short circuit the process and i wouldn't 'waste' any time on the one that won't give me what i am looking for :?

Many thanks
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Both can run this type of rule very easily but unless you have VBA skills and are already familiar with excel itself then guardian would be the best place to start as its self explanitory and very easy to use especially for your first few automations.
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Just to add to what was said by Dallas,
using excel is imposing significant additional load to CPU, especially if you need to run VBA macros. In total: placing bet using built in automation (if given conditions are met) will be always faster then doing the same using excel.
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Before BA introduced it's Guardian Automation features, excel was the only real option for producing an automated strategy.

The problem was though, if you had more than 1 sheet running, or sheets with many calculations on them, the CPU struggled and excel became very sticky with an unreliable refresh, and this was no good for a reliable strategy

One of the downsides to BA excel, was also one of it's strengths. That was the status column. If your bot had fired a trade, you could only get it to refire by manuallly clearing the status box, or scripting a complicated macro to do the job. It's a shame we weren't allow to clear that cell with a simple 'IF' statement

Automation doesn't have the same safety net. If you write a crappy bot, it will keep firing your bets in, so perhaps BA should update excel and have another look at that status cell. It would be a shame if BA allowed the excel section to fall away, as it has far greater power than automation with regards to varying stakes and using very personal WOM specifications
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Thank you LeTiss, Dallas and Davdvo for your responses.
i have a basic understanding of VBA and improving my skill levels with it.
i realised (after some trials and tribs) that Guardian cannot do exactly what i need to achieve and so it's excel VBA.
Eventually i will get there.
Again, many thanks for your interest in assisting.
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