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Hello, i hope someone can help

i want to lay the football draw in play and green out when goal is scored, easy enough which i can do fine.

however, i want to lay the draw when odds reach a certain price, this is also easy enough.

what i am having trouble is how do i tell guardian to lay the draw only when the score is 0-0, i am finding that when early goals are scored and the score is 1-1 the draw odds go down to my desired price still and guardian lays the draw.....this is not good and not what i want it to do, i only want to have th draw layed at 0-0

any help would be most appriciated
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There is currently not a condition within Guardian that can look at another market situation before triggering a bet (ie match odds market looking at CS market). You could only do it by using excel.
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Could you not achieve something like this by using the Correct Score Market?

As this can monitor the correct scores, and line 1 (in BF order) is always 0-0

I use a similar strategy for backing favoured scorelines at 70mins, using the Favouritism option.
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