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A feature added as part of the latest Bet Angel V1.47 ... 46&t=13532 was the ability to quickly and easily copy rules between automation files. You probably already have automation files with rules using several parameters/global settings & conditions therefore it would be time consuming if/when having to retype these into any new automation files you create.

A good example of this would be the ‘Close if in loss for 10secs’ automation rule from the shared files library, that automation file is made up of 3 rule types with signals linking each one and too add something like this too each new automation file would normally take a few minutes (even longer if you have to keep flicking back and forth copying how its set up), but with this new feature any exsisting rule including all its conditions and values etc can be copied from one automation file to another in a matter of seconds and with just a few clicks of your mouse.

So, for this example, I’m going to take the ‘Directional Scalping Pre-Off’ automation file also from the shared files section on the forum and I’m going to add rules from the ‘Close if in loss For Over 10sec’.

To get Started select the Automation file you want to add your existing rules too then click on ‘Edit Rules File’ just to the right of this.


You will now see the familiar ‘Rules Editor Window’. On the top border of this window click the icon at the far right – this will open another similar window.

Copy Rules 2.JPG

From here you can select the Automation file that contains the existing rule/s you wish to copy into your current file. You can select as many of the rules from this source file as you wish (for this example I need all 3 of them), once the required rules are highlighted just click on the ‘Add rules to End’ button at the bottom of the window.

Copy Rules 3.JPG

And that’s its..... the source window can now be closed and all the rules selected will of been added to your current automation file - just remember to save and its ready to begin using.

I now have my 'Directional Scalping Bot' which greens up before the off but will also close and green up earlier if i go into a loss for 10 consective seconds.

If you don’t have many of your own rules but still want to try this out have a look at the shared files section on the forum and download some of the ready made files from there and have a play by mixing and matching even combining different stratergies into one file.

To see a video tutorial on copying rules click on the link below
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