Automate a Whole Days Trading in Just 10 Easy Steps

Advanced automation available in Guardian - Chat with others and share files here.
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Ever wanted to give automation/triggered betting a try but didn't know how to get started?

With Bet Angel’s advanced automation, it’s so easy that anyone can do it, and the purpose of this thread is to show just how easy it really is to get started and fully Automate a whole days trading activity in just 10 easy steps.

Step 1
Download any of the 100+ ready-made example files from the shared files section on this forum
by clicking on the .BAF file attachment found at the end of the 1st post of each thread.

Step 1.JPG

Step 2
Log into Bet Angel (I would advise doing so in practice mode to begin with)

Step 2.JPG

Step 3
After logging into Bet Angel click the green ‘G’ icon to open Guardian

Step 3.JPG

Step 4
Ensure your refresh rate is set to 20ms on the main Guardian banner

Step 4.JPG

Step 5
Tick the ‘Show Sidebar’ box

Step 6
Click ‘Add’ to add all the days racing markets to Guardian or if you wish to trade some different sports see this thread on how to search for those markets ... 47&t=13289

Step 5 & 6.JPG

Step 7
Select the ‘Automation’ tab at the top of guardian

Step 8
Click ‘Import a rules file’ and browse your computer for the automation file you downloaded in step 1

Step 9
Select the rule file from the dropdown list

Step 10
Click ‘Apply rule to all markets’

Steps 7-10.JPG

Now sit back while Bet Angel does the rest for you.


Of course, you can pick and choose the markets you wish to apply automation to and you can apply different automation files to each market. Also, once you’re familiar with the process of downloading and using the example files the next step I’d recommended is that you look at editing/modifying them to put your own unique spin on them. Ill therefore follow this thread up shortly with the steps needed to achieve this.
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