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When creating an automation file (bot) one of the most important options is of course which selection you want to ‘apply’ a rule to.

While your requirement might often just be to have a bot trigger on whichever selection is in Betfair row index 3 (like the draw if trading on football) or to always have it trigger on whichever selection is favourite at the time it places a bet sometimes you may want to choose a specific selection.

An example of this would be when creating something like a Back to lay rule where your not going to know the selection you want your bot to back until the day of the race, but of course don’t want to be faffing about having to edit and recreate multiple copies of the same automation file especially if you have shortlisted runners in several races throughout the day.

This is where using the ‘Guardian Nominated Selection 1’ and ‘Guardian Nominated Selection 2’ options come in. By ‘Applying’ a rule to either of these it will allow you to create a single generic automation file that you can then apply to multiple markets but at the same time will give you a quick and easy way of specifying up to two selections for your automation file to trigger on.

In the image below, I have created a simple Back 2 Lay bot, and because some races might have more than one runner I want to bet on I have added two identical back bet rules to this bot, the first back rule has been applied to ‘Guardian Nominated Selection 1’ while the 2nd back bet rule has been applied to ‘Guardian Nominated Selection 2’.

Guardian Noms.jpg

Once that’s been saved it’s now ready for use so it’s just a case of adding all the racing markets to guardian each day then applying the bot to them all. The final step is to quickly choose the actual selection/s you require the bot to trigger on each race which is done using the drop list in the ‘Automation Nomination Selection 1 & 2’ columns on the main guardian page.

If nothing takes your fancy, then you can simply leave these columns blank and the bot will be unable to trigger on that race.

In the image below its taken about 30 secs for me to add all the days markets, apply my bot to them all then choose all the individual runners I wanted to run this bot on today - some races there are two runners I fancied, others just one and some there were no selections.

Front Run Nom.png

Instead of picking two different selections in a market you might want to use this another way. By creating the first rule to use one stake value and an identical second rule to use a different stake value whether you choose the selection in ‘Guardian Nominated Selection 1 or 2’ would depend on the size stake you want to use – or if you chose it in both then 2 bets and both stakes would be placed. Yet another option would be to specify a higher and lower number of offset ticks for each of your rules say 10 ticks for Nomination 1 and 25 ticks for nomination 2 then depending how confident you are on the day would depend which column you select it in.
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