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Anybody able to recommend some software? Basically to make my bot more efficient I need to record a full days racing. When I know what markets its entered I can then create just clips of those markets and how the markets behaved once the bets gone in. Any thoughts welcomed
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Dallas thank you squire!
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I use , maybe it will be useful for you.
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There's literally hundreds of screen records, free and paid. I just downloaded 4 or 5 and tried them out. Some have limited features, some are overfeatured, some are annoying to use and some take so much cpu it's a joke.

What works for you probably won't be the same as what works for other people, try a few from a reputable source such as CNET.
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The recommendation of screen recording software would be better VideoSolo Screen Recorder which has the ability to record any area on the screen, grab online movies, make video tutorials, capture games, record music, etc.
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Bubace try this thread
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One comes free with WIndows 10 called 'Steps Recorder' under Windows Accessories.
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Jukebox wrote:
Mon Nov 16, 2020 4:26 pm
Bubace try this thread
Nice one, ill have a look at a few tonight
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I use OBS a lot now, nice bit of software.
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