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Stored Values were added to Bet Angel Professional V1.50 so you will need to ensure you are using this version or above to access this feature, you can download the latest from here

Stored Values work in a similar way to the existing ‘Signals’ and are very much an expansion to this existing powerful and flexible feature of automation and servants, although they can also be used on their own and totally independent should you wish. However, when combined the possibilities they will bring when creating automation rules and servants are endless yet despite their power and flexibility they are fairly simple to set up and use once you understand the basics.

Before reading any more of this thread if you have never used ‘Signals’ or are not familiar with them I would suggest reading the following threads to first familiarise yourself with those and how they work, that will help you understand and get much more from the ‘Stored Values’ feature.

What is a Stored Value

Just like when using ‘Signals’ you would first give each ‘Stored Value’ a unique name of your choice, but then rather than you specifying a value or automatically having its value incremented or decremented etc on each trigger ‘Stored Values’ lets you use the back, lay, last traded prices or volume and much more, then just as you can with ‘Signals’ you can use a stored value as a condition/s for other rules and servants to test.

So, a quick example could be that you may want to store the current back price of the favourite at certain intervals then if it trades more than 10 ticks above or below that trigger a bet or trade into the market.

Stored Values can also be ‘Shared’ which means you can now store a value with one servant or automation file and use it with another. Ie, a servant could store a value pre-race then a rule within a guardian automation file could check for that value as part of an in-running strategy.

Another unique advantage of using ‘Stored Values’ is for the first time you can trigger rules in one market of an event based on something that’s happened in another market of that event. Ie, you could trigger a bet/trade on the Correct score market of a football match using a stored value from the match odds market, or you might want to trigger a bet/trade on the place market of a horse race from something that’s happened in the win market.

At the bottom of this thread, I’ll include a link to another thread which will give some detailed examples of using shared ‘Stored Values’ to trigger bets from one market to another in this way.
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Using Stored Values

As I have already stated above in principal Stored Values work very similar to existing signals, however, there are a few additional options which are exclusive to Stored Values so here is a brief overview of everything you need to use them.

Setting a Stored Value
On the "General Tab," you will see the following two new rule types at the bottom of the current list

"Set / Modify a Stored Value Only"
The same as the existing ‘Set/Modify signal’ rule this will allow you to set/modify/clear a ‘Stored Value’ when your chosen conditions have been met and without any other action being performed, ie, if you just want to store the volume of a selection but without triggering any bets at that moment.

(Just like signals you can also use ‘Store Values’ at the time an existing rule triggers, ie, when a back bet is triggered it could Store the Value of the selections volume - to store values in this way see 'Stored Values' tab in next post).

"Clear all Stored Values (Not Shared)"
This allows you to quickly clear all Stored Values (not shared) currently set, regardless of their name and value for all selections and the whole market.

*if you have stored values with different names and wish to clear only those of a certain name or value from either a selection or market then you can use "Set / Modify a Stored Value Only" rule to perform this type of task.

SV General.JPG

On the Parameters tab, you now see an extra ‘Place at’ Option

“Place at Stored Value Price”

With this option selected another two boxes to the right will appear where you can enter the stored values name and if it’s for a selection, market or event

SV Parameters.JPG

For example, if you place an earlier back bet you could store the value of its lay price at the time, then at a later stage trigger a lay bet and use this to have it placed at those lay odds.
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Stored Value Tab

The rules editor now has a new "Stored Value" Tab, this is where you can choose which value to store, on what and give it a unique name, you can also choose to clear any existing stored value by name from here.

You have multiple choices for the types of values that can be stored (see image below for a full list) that can then be tested as a condition of another rule/s


It’s possible to store as many values as you want each time a rule triggers, so you could store values of the back, lay, LTP and volume % of a selection etc all at the same time. When storing multiple values with the same rule they are processed in order - there are up/down icons to let you the modify the order if you need to ensure one value is tested before another.

Storing a value is just like setting a ‘Signal’, to start with you need to give your Stored Value a name, then select if the Stored Value is going to be on the Selection, Market, or Event

At this point, you can also tick the ‘Shared’ box if you wish to make the Stored Value available for other ‘Servants’ or ‘Automation Files’ to use.

Store a Value Named - Enter any unique name you want to use (I’d suggest using a name along the lines of the tasking/value your storing).

For – Select from;
The current selection, (the selection you have specified on the General tab)
A Nominated Selection, (used to store the value on a different selection to that which is triggering the rule, ie, you might have the rule applied to the selection in Betfair Row 1, and want to Store the value of its back price to the Selection in Betfair Row 3)
The Market, the market the rule is currently applied to
The Event, (means the stored value can be referenced and used on all other markets within an event, ie, if it was a Soccer match then a Stored value from a CS market could be used to trigger a bet in the Match Odds market or in an Over/Unders market etc)

Adjustment – Lets you add or subtract an amount, stored value, price, volume etc from the Value you are about to store

Rounding – Allows you to round a stored value up or down to a full amount or to the next valid odds etc.

The last tick box lets you record all the values assigned to your market log, this is very useful when setting up, editing or troubleshooting a rule as you can clarify what’s triggering or not triggering.

An example could be if I wanted to store the volume of the fav at a certain time for another rule to use afterward. In the image below, I have set it up to ‘Store a value’ and named it ‘currentvol’ (just because that’s what I’ll be storing so its easy to reference it later when viewing the log) on the selection in Betfair Row 1, I have then instructed it to automatically add 10% to this value.

SV Set Example.JPG

So, assuming when it triggered at the start time the traded volume on Row 1 was 70000 the ‘Stored Value’ would be saved as; Store Value: currentvol = 77000


There is now a new ‘Stored Value’ condition to test a Stored Value and its name against another Stored Value or against the current price or volume of a selection or market or vice versa before allowing the rule to trigger. See the image below for a full list of all the values that can be used and tested against another.

You can test anything from the ‘Value A’ list to see if its Greater Than, Less Than or Equal to something from the ‘Value B’ list.
The last option then allow you to specify any adjustments you wish to include using Ticks, Odds or Amount

SV Conditions.JPG

In the final image you can see I have created a condition that will test if the ‘Stored Value’ named ‘currentvol’ I have for the Betfair Row 1 is greater than the volume of the selection in Betfair Row 2 plus 100K, only if it is true will the rule be allowed to trigger.

SV Condition Example.JPG

If you want to download some ready-made automation and servant files which use the stored value and shared stored value options detailed in the posts above as they are created I will be added the links for them all to the opening post of the thread below, or if you have any suggestions for something you would like to automate or create a servant for please post it to the end of the thread
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