Automation on football 12X & correct score markets?

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Hi, Is it possible to set up rule for guardian if I backed in two markets on a football match? eg: I want to put back bet on fav team. I can do that manually on loads game so then automate I want to close market if the fav scores the first goal but if they don't score first goal I want to close market at 1-1 should they equalise? I will have bets on 0-0 0-1 & 1-1 correct score market.

So if the fav scores first I need the 12X bet to close as a winner and close the 1-1 score line as well (0-0 & 0-1 both lose)
In the same game if the fav doesn't score first but equalise I need it to automatically close the 12X market and the 1-1 correct score market.

Any help would be appreciated....
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