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Is there anyway to use stored values/signals to count how many break points each player has faced in a tennis match?
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On my phone on a cruise in South Pacific (I am not addicted to this trading stuff 😃).. so forgive the brief reply..I suspect this would be doable but tricky..using increment signals/ time since signal changed / serving conditions/ separate rules for each points score etc but .Dallas is your best man to confirm possibility. I'll have a think over the next it might be interesting to record.
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Came across this thread on a search, trying to find if anyone had achieved this previously. Couldn't find anything so put something together myself this afternoon.

This is a snippet from my bot, where I'm looking to return SV's of break points for and against on the sorted favourite in the 1st set, for my bot to use as a condition in the 2nd. Could be easily edited for further sets.
Problem you have is that for most BP's the next score could be 0-0 so rather than try to increment on the next score from 0-40, 15-40 etc, I've gone for a count of each game where there was a BP for\against. The SV's then increment when 0-0 is returned from the following game.
Using an additional Relative Score Condition I think you could also create a condition to show BP's saved\converted.
I've set this one to ignore the 1st game in the 1st set due to slow starters, again easily deleted if not required.

May not be the most elegant way to achieve this but it does work. It's verbose in the log as I've been testing, but easy enough to turn off the log writes.

Count Of Break Points For_Against.baf
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