bot to place bets when selection is 2 goals up

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i tried to use search function but couldnt find what i need.
(i am completely new to this so sorry in advance if this is simple)

i want my bot to "green up" a pre match bet when the score goes 2-0 in a football match
how would i go about this?
i am looking under the "conditions" tab but there is nothing there that seems to fit.
can someone point me in the right direction?
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There isn't a live score feed for football markets so there are no conditions to test for it (unlike tennis)

Therefore you would need to use signals to identify a goal from the movement in odds, like the following example which you could download and add to your file

Then you would add a 'Signal set' or 'Signal value condition' to your green up rule to test for them being set and/or showing a specific value

Might sound complicated but its actually fairly straight forward once you get started and the link explains in more details what you need to do
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