how do i do this automation in bet angel

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hi im kinda new to automation and want to create an automation for the folowing criteria

My favourite edge is the overs markets over 1.5 and 2.5 goals i want the automation to include the following

look at a match and look for the starting price of over to be between say 1.5 and 1.7

once the match has started place a back bet once overs reach 2.0

when 2 goals has been scored to lay under 2.5 goals with the initial stake of the back bet to basically scratch or make profit

Stop the bet for a loss if half my stake is lost before a goal is scored
is this possible? to create
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Hi, the only thing which isnt straight forward here is number of goals. I remember seeing Dallas posting something that tracks odds spikes to count goals. Have a look around for that and build on it.
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Heres the link sa7med was referring to

There are instructions in that on how to use and incorporate it into your existing file, but if you get stuck just post back or preferably post the file your making and I or someone else will take a look and advise further
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