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If you’re an automation user who trades different sports and/or market type’s you may have found it’s become a bit of a lengthy process to apply your rules to the appropriate markets each day.

From V1.52 which you can download from ... _beta1.exe

it’s now possible to select specific market types and apply a specific rules file with the press of a key, all you need to do is set up some keyboard shortcuts using the keyboard short cut editor.

In this example I’m going to show you how to select the types of markets you want and apply a specific rule to them, so i’ll be setting up a shortcut key to apply a rule to ALL match Odds markets in Guardian and another shortcut key to apply a different rule to ALL over/under markets I have in guardian.

To get started open the keyboard shortcut editor by navigating the following
Settings > Edit Settings > Behaviour
then at the bottom of the window click ‘create new profile’,

First, click the ‘Disc+’ icon at the top of the window and give your ‘Shortcut Profile’ a name, for this example I’ve chosen just to call mine ‘My Shortcuts’
Then click ‘Green Plus’ icon at the top left corner to begin creating your first keyboard shortcut.

In the image below you can see I’m creating a keyboard shortcut so that when I press my ‘M’ key it will select/highlight all ‘Match Odds’ markets in Guardian.

Select Mkts (1).JPG

The next step is to create another shortcut by clicking the ‘Green Plus’ icon again, this time I’ll be selecting a different Short Cut action which will allow me to pick which rules file I want to use, once you select the Short Cut action ‘Apply Automation Rules to Selected markets’ you’ll see a picklist appear below where you can select from your saved automation files which one, you’d like to use - I've chosen to use my 'Football Scores on Watch List' rules file

Assign Key to Rules (2).JPG

That’s the first Keyboard Shortcut created, now if I were to open guardian with just one press of my ‘M’ key it would select all ‘Match Odds’ markets I have in Guardian and apply my ‘Football Scores in Watchlist’ automation file to them.
But while I’m still here I’m going to add another keyboard shot cut this time to select some Over/Under markets and then apply a different automation rules file to those markets, so I’ll repeat the steps above this time starting with which Over/Under markets I want to select, ill then assign that to my ‘O’ key

Assign Key to Rules Overs (3).JPG

Finally, I’ll create a short cut key to apply my ‘Signal Goals O-U 2.5’ rules files

Apply Rules Overs (4).JPG

At the top of the window I can now click the disc Icon to save these keyboard shortcuts I’ve just created, and they are now ready to use.

Using the Shortcut Key

Each day all I need to do is load my markets in Guardian then with the press of my ‘M’ key all the ‘Match Odds’ markets will be selected and my automation rule file ‘Football Scores in Watchlist’ will be applied to them

Guardian apply MO.JPG

I can then immediately press my ‘O’ key and it will select all the Over/Under 0.5-4.5 markets and apply my ‘Signal Goals O-U 2.5’ automation rules files

Guardian apply MO2.JPG

Selecting Multiple Market Types and Applying Multiple Rules Files

When setting up any shortcut keys you’re not limited to just a single action or two per key as shown above, instead you can assign as many actions to a single key as you want to create yourself a ‘macro’ (a macro is a coding term for a single instruction ie, a button, key or click etc to perform multiple actions/tasks).

So, to use the above scenario again this time by assigning them all to the same key (and for this example, I’ve chosen the ‘F’ key) it will now select both types of markets and apply the specified rules files to each (performing 4 different actions).


In the image below you can see I have added all may days horse racing and football markets into Guardian and just by pressing my ‘F’ key it has found and selected all the ‘Match Odds’ and ‘Over Under’ markets and applied the two specified rules file to the appropriate markets.

Guardian Macro.JPG

You could, therefore, select and apply rules files to ALL your day's markets with a single press of a key regardless of how many different types of markets you have in Guardian or how many different rules files you use on a daily basis.
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