Adding more than 1 Rules File to a single market

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Mr Shrewdie
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Just purchased bet angel pro, mainly for Football Automation and have added a few Automation rules successfully, i have a question regarding adding 2 Automation rules to the same market.
I run a few systems that involve different leagues with same rules ie:
Match Odds Market

LTD priced 4.5 - 5.0 in Denmark, Sweden, Norway Leagues
and another rule
Lay Away priced 3.0 - 3.80 in Denmark, Poland, Turkey leagues

can you drag the Match odds market into automation twice or can you add 2 rules files to the same market.
Or is it a case adding more than 1 rule to each match individually?

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Its only one automation file per market (but as many rules in that file as you want)

If you want/need to apply different rules files to the same market you open another instance of Bet Angel just by clicking the icon and loggin on again and apply the other automation file to that same market in Guardian.

You need to remember though that they are both looking at the same Betfair account so what one rule does in one market could impact the other
Mr Shrewdie
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Joined: Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:48 pm

Ok, I see, I did think that, thanks for the swift reply.

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